A Unique, Delicate Taste

With its sweet and delicate taste, we recommend you enjoy our ham finely sliced, accompanied by baguette-style bread or an olive oil loaf and a good glass of dry white wine or champagne.
In the summer, it goes well with fresh fruit, such as figs and melon, as these perfectly complement its sweet flavour without changing its taste.
Perfect as a starter or main ingredient in first courses, accompanied by soft foods such as mozzarella or delicate cheeses.
To place your order online, click here and you will receive our Ham directly where you want it, as sweet, soft and fragrant as if it had only just come out of our cellars.
Guaranteed by the Consortium of Prosciutto di San Daniele.

It is only after a long series of checks made throughout the various preparation stages that a ham is granted the P.D.O. status and can be branded with the trademark recognised by the Consortium, of which we are members. The trademark also carries the manufacturer identification code, which for us is nr. 36.

Would you like to taste our San Daniele ham?

If you would like to taste our ham in San Daniele, the best place is no doubt:
Osteria Prosciutteria Al Baccaro di Colella Corrado,
San Daniele del Friuli (UD) Via Kennedy,  n. 121
phone: +39 0432 955019
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You can sit outdoor in our garden gazebo in the Summer or around the “Fogolar” (fireplace) in Winter and taste our ham as well as many other delicious food from Apulia such as burrata, buffalo mozzarella, a wide assortment soft or cured cheese, bruschette and vegetables preserved in oil. Corrado is waiting for you.
Reservation is recommended.