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A Special Bond Between Nature and Tradition

Unique landscapes, pure and fragrant air, authentic and vibrant traditions, expertise, care, experience, passion and enthusiasm are the exclusive elements that help achieve an irresistible delicacy – our ham, with its genuine appearance, its sweet aroma and flavour that are the result of processing methods passed down through generations.

A Simple Recipe

Selection, massage, diversified salting, “stuccatura” (spreading a mixture of lard and flour over the uncovered parts of the ham face), knowing how to let San Daniele’s air work its magic and… patiently waiting and knowing the right time for each activity and each step: this is our recipe.
A natural taste achieved by simply adding Italian sea salt, according to an ancient tradition.

Aroma and Flavour From Our Land

Each ham has its own history. Artisan expertise is not a science so it cannot be measured, but it is extremely accurate and crucial. And so it is that, in the last stage of preparation, after having waited patiently for at least 15 months (2 more than the minimum required by the Consortium of San Daniele Ham), our hams take different routes. Some are ready to be savoured, while others may continue curing to improve their aroma and flavour until they reach their distinctive characteristics of incredible taste.
An experience you can only enjoy by eating this delicacy.
Tasting Coradazzi Ham is like going on an unforgettable journey through the history, culture and traditions of Friuli’s unspoiled land… enjoy the journey!

A Healthy Food, a Pleasure for Everyone

Our Ham is suitable for all dietary requirements and does not have any contraindications – not even in pregnancy. A source of noble proteins, rich in vitamins and minerals, with a low fat content and free from gluten and dairy products, it is very easily digestible and has a high nutritional value.
(Gluten free > As confirmed by AIC – Italian Association for Coeliac Disease)

Nutritional properties of Prosciutto di San Daniele, average values for 100 g (source: Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele, 2009)
Energy value:
Kcal 265; KJ 1,107
Proteins 28.84 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fats 16.47 g of which: saturated 6.47 g; unsaturated 10.00 g
Cholesterol 88.8 mg
Dietary fiber 0 g
Sodium 2.25 g
Vitamin B1 0.58 mg
Vitamin B2 0.23 mg
Vitamin B6 0.58 mg
Vitamin PP 7.02 mg
Phosphorous 267.22 mg
Zinc 3.62 mg
Potassium 553.89 mg