The Pleasure of Being Artisans

We are a small family business adhering to the Consortium of San Daniele Ham. Generation after generation, we have improved our manual processing techniques and the art of patience, allowing nature to work at its pace.
Our production follows the requirements defined by the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) for “Prosciutto di San Daniele” – these are important parameters as they provide assurance that this is like no other ham in the world. Year after year, we have always produced the same amount of hams, maintaining a perfect balance to create an unrivalled masterpiece – something that fills us with great pride and satisfaction every day.
Over the last few decades, we have seen how many businesses across all industries fight to increase production as much as possible, slash prices to keep up with competitors, and how all of this has ended up affecting quality.
Instead, we have always gone against this trend.

Our Meats

We only use meat from the best Italian pigs, from breeders who are recognised to comply with the requirements of San Daniele’s Protected Designation of Origin. Among these breeders, we have carefully selected the most responsible farmers in terms of animal welfare and type of feed.
These farming methods guarantee the best meats. But this is still not enough!
When we receive our deliveries, we check and select the thighs one by one, drawing on our long-standing, traditional expertise. After careful inspection, only the thighs whose size, appearance and weight match our parameters can become Coradazzi Hams.
The others are sent back to the supplier!

Our Secrets

Every company has their own production secrets. Our secrets are made of passion, ancient skills and processing done exclusively by hand, so each ham is made according to an individual, unique process.
Even today, human touch and knowledge can still make a huge difference, by adding that little bit of extra care that will make the difference to our ham.
And this is how it should be!

The Magic of San Daniele del Friuli

San Daniele del Friuli is a village in the North-East of Italy that is renowned for its ideal micro-climate. Perched on a hill, it offers the perfect conditions to make a unique, unrivalled ham. In this area, the cool and dry streams that are typical of the pre-Alpine strip nearby meet with the warm and humid winds from the Adriatic Sea.
We allow this distinctive, magical and intense air to pamper our hams for the time and extent determined only by our experience, in a game of interaction with nature.